The Centre of Biotechnology

The Centre of Biotechnology promotes its activities in research, education and international cooperation. Moreover, it hosts the Diagnostic Centre for the Malignant Hypertermia and the Centre of Biomedical Documentation of Cardarelli Hospital. The Centre promotes many activities on behalf of third parties, for which Cardarelli Hospital makes available its scientific and technological skills, as well as its staff competences,  as far as research, formation, professional advice and laboratory activities are concerned. In addition, the pole of Metabolic and Structural Imaging is active, and through its equipment it is possible to perform training activities and experimental research.


The mission of the Centre has many strands:

  • Contribution of scientific development in biomedical sphere;
  • Support of scientific and medical training;
  • Promotion of research and medical studies, especially in transplants, organic and biomedical sector and tissue engineering;
  • Promotion of agreements and establishment of relations with institutes, entities, universities, public and private research centres aided by specific and economic supports;
  • Promotion of new methods and systems so as to allow the development and the improvement of surgical activity and diagnostic pathology, particularly through experimental techniques
  • Promotion of initiatives aimed at the dissemination of scientific knowledge and the further training of hospital staff;
  • Reducing the ever-widening gap between the speed of surgical techniques improvements and their practical application in surgery;
  • Organisation of experimental activities both at national and international level, for surgical development and innovative technologies;
  • Providing services that support research thanks to the centre structures;
  • Developing the health of Mediterranean Countries;
  • Promotion of campaigns on health  


Recognising and perceiving changes is the future scenario the Centre of Biotechnology wishes to achieve, by remodelling the organisational frameworks and reshaping the traditional health approach and, finally, redefining the National Health Service mission. These changes are not simple corrective actions: they do entail orientations that go beyond healthcare since they are framed within a wider context, characterised by cultural and political transformations, which involve both society and its institutions. The healthcare system innovations, rapidly evolving, require development and training programs able to verify benefits, organisational implications and, last but not least, the proper use of technologies and services provided by the hospital. The Centre of Biotechnology, an innovative structure in Italy, would become a national and international reference point thanks to the research and the new experimental procedures, along with the therapeutic solutions and the ability aimed to promote resource development and to face the health organisation challenges. The activities carried out by the Centre of Biotechnology are in line with the ones developed by the Campania Region with the aim of attracting new companies in the territory. These actions want to encourage the diffusion of new technologies in the area and to test their commitment in health, education and research. The final goal is to enhance the economic growth by encouraging new start-ups, patents and creation of new companies.

Resolutions of existence and establishment

The Centre of Biotechnology is authorized from the Directorate General to: -Approve of regulation for the use of animals for experimental purposes (n. 1649-1997) -Designate of Ethics Committee for animal testing: it has the responsibility to evaluate and to authorize experimental projects carried out at the Centre (n.715/1999) -Institute a Biotechnological and Information research Service Centre, later called Centre of Biotechnology (n.228 of 8/03/2000) -Institute Biopharmacology, Experimental Research and Clinical Documentation Service Centre under the responsibility of Doctor Cozzolino -Institute cecllular transplant for clinical and metabolic support Service Centre under the responsibility of Antonio Mancini

Ministerial Authorisations

The Centre of Biotechnology is authorized by the Ministry of Health to perform research activities on experimental models according to the legislative decree March 4th 2014, NO.26 for organisation of videlolaparoscopy courses (n.85/99 – C and following). (n.85/99 – C and following extensions)


The Centre of Biotechnology is recorded in the regional register for the provision of consultancy services to support innovation and scientific and technological development of small and medium companies of the Campania Region (Managerial Decree of Campania Region n.356 of 6/09/2004); research laboratory register, art.14 of ministerial decree n.593 of 8/08/2000 (Managerial decree of the Ministry of Instruction M.I.U.R. n.65/ric of 30/01/2007)

Business Incubators

A business incubator will be realised in close contact with the Centre of Biotechnology, with the aim of reinforcing the integration between companies, universities, research centers and hospitals within a relevant sector of the Campania Region development. Financed by the Campania Region, the incubator is part of the project which consists of a wider framework programme, with regard to scientific research and the technological innovations, for the achievement of business incubators for high tech companies operating in the biotechnology field. According to the project, the incubator will cover a total area of 4.100 square meters, connected to the Centre of Biotechnology, located pavilion X. The building will be developed on four floors, each of which will be endowed with offices, research and development laboratories and roughly four or six autonomous and independent units, where 6-8 companies will work in close liaison.

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