Electronic vote used during meetings and conventions is now an indispensable service. Having a good eloquence is not enough anymore: it’s necessary interacting with the audience, creating active participation, allowing a feedback.

TELEVOTER system it’s all this, an important instrument for interactive communication. The system consists in a set of portable keyboards connected to a PC, and during the meeting, conventions, educational courses, live surgery sessions, allows to each questions the answers and related elaboration of results simultaneously.

The answers memorized in the TELEVOTER are immediate feedbacks, rapidly exportable with EXCEL and very easy to consult, that can be used and showed on the instant. TELEVOTER makes the education interactive, precise and rapid.


The software runs on presentations created with Power Point in a simple and effective way. It’s possible to manage preferences, assessments, quizzes and groups management. It is possible to export the results on EXCEL files.



Compact design in small sizes for a comfortable carriage. Each voter has its ID. This ID can be modified from the software. The ID is always transmitted together with the vote.
Size: 90 x 54 x 10 mm. Weight 38 gr (battery included).


2 batteries Cr2032. BAttery status indicated on the display. Duration up to 3.000 votes or 8 hours of continuous working. Auto power off when not used or power off by radio.


14 keys (0-9 / OK / Canc / dot and line). Display with 6 numbers with mobile comma. On the display is indicated the message of receiving vote from the base.


RF Radio frequency 2,4 Ghz. 16 bit CRC technology assures a perfect reception. It supports 16 channels with automatic research in order to avoid interferences. The voter receives from the base the information of received vote. Capability of recognizing the order of arriving of the votes. Inner antenna.



Televoter diapositive








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