The Building


The Building “Pavillio X – New Centre of Biotechnology” is located inside the “A.Cardarelli” hospital complex of Naples. It is structured on three floors:

- On Ground Floor are allocated  the relaying area, research, education and surgical area;

-  On First Floor are allocated the secretariat, offices and research laboratories;

-  On Second Floor are allocated the conference room, the education rooms, offices and spaces dedicated to institutional activities and meetings.

Functional distributive scheme

The interventionist area is composed by pre-operating filter and two operating rooms, used to perform education and research activities in surgery and microsurgery.

In the relaying area there are storages for all the equipment needed by the staff for all its activities.

The distribution and the Function of the new Centre of Biotechnologies’ spaces, located in the Building X, has been developed, taking account of the new typologic and functional needs of Centre’s activities.

Ground floor

Interventionist Area:

It is composed by two operating rooms and a microsugery room, dedicated to research and education activities.

Stalling Area:

It is dedicated to 7 units for stalling and, moreover, an office for Veterinaries and three little laboratories for the execution of experimental procedures.

First floorCentro di Biotecnologie. Primo Piano

Laboratories Area:

Big spaces have been provided for laboratories in relation to the different research areas (liver, hyperthermia, molecular, diagnostic). Each subspace is characterized by instrumentations and plant engineering equipment in full compliance for the staff and the environment. There is a laboratory of molecular biology, included within the laboratory for the Malignant Hyperthermia diagnosis, two laboratories for cellular cultures for experimental purposes, two rooms dedicated to laboratory services.

Administrative Area:

Inside the new building there is also, for the regular development of the several administrative, organisational and technical-scientific activities, a room for the secretariat wide offices and services related to the comfort of the staff.


Second floor

Educational Area:

The second floor has two multimedia rooms, equipped to host 60 people each, for educational and teaching activities. They are furnished of every kind of comfort for students, moreover, there are 5 offices and a big meeting room, dedicated for institutional activities, videoconferences, meetings.





Piano terra

Ground floor

Primo piano

First floor

Piano secondo

Second floor

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