Working together

Projects with Palestinian territories

In the range of the Agreement Protocol between Campania Region and Governors of Bethlehem, Hebron, Jenin, Jericho and Nablus, approved with DGR n. 975 in May 22nd 2009, Campania Region, with the intent of acquiring project proposals by subjects interested in the realization of activities in the field of “Health Cooperation”, emanated a public notice to present Demonstrations of Interest (DD n. 80 of November 20th 2009). In April 2009 a delegation of Hospital “A. Cardarelli” went to Palestinian territories in the range of a mission organised by Campania Region, establishing direct relationships with local partners and outlining the possible ranges of health collaboration.

At a later stage, as required by Campania Region (DD n. 94 of December 12th 2009), Hospital “A. Cardarelli”, formulated an offer of budget, and, with note of January 5th 2010, it received from the regional authority, the assignment of realization of the activities related to the Intervention Sector “Health Cooperation” (DD n. 110 of December 30th 2009).

The project will be activated following the unlocking of dedicated regional funds.

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